The Line from the Lords Of The Underground song Chief Rocka: “Hip Hop and Rap yeah that’s where my heart’s at” describes my musical-background the best.

 I can´t tell you really why … at the time my parents were so Hip Hop like Cher … still … somehow at the age of 9 I picked up a RUN DMC tune on a German radio show around 1987/88. I remember how extremely fascinated I was about that beats and voices and these “weird” scratch-sounds.

Of course i had no idea what I was listening to and I asked my mom if she knew what that is and told her how much I liked it. I think she said: “That’s Rap Music”.

 From that point on it was on! A short time later I started playing basketball, which became besides music (aka mostly Hip Hop) my No.1 passion for the time until I was 18 or 19 years old. At that time I went knee deep into Hip Hop besides finding interest in other genres like Guns N´ Roses or Dance Music like Innercity or Technotronic and of course Michael Jackson.

 One thing about the Hip Hop Movement caught me more than anything: Scratching. And the guy that was doing it : The DJ.

 Back then I just started my plumber apprenticeship and earned my first money. My motivation to play basketball wasn´t that big anymore and I was looking for a new activity. I remember me saying like “Hey, let’s go get some records, buy a turntable and a mixer”. But I started slow. Bought a few records and tried them out on my parents belt-drive turntable and a friends 2nd hand Soundcraft mixer. It was not what I expected but it was still dope! I felt in deep love with digging, exploring & touching records.

 Today after many years of being a Hip Hop DJ who got bored of exploring only a single musical genre I got very exited exploring new music. I think to find new fresh beats & sounds without genre-borders is the coolest thing about being a DJ. To play these new found pieces and get a party hyped is the dopest. 


One way to express what I feel new and fresh music at a certain moment is, is to make a Mixtape. I have to admit I am extremely lazy with the production of these and I have always many more ideas for the tapes then the released versions. But here are some mixes I released: